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Farewell Soiree is the Understatement of a Lifetime!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Patti, Sarah, Lizzy and Lauren threw me one heck of a farewell soiree this past Wednesday night!!!!! I cannot thank them enough for all they did.  Delicious food, beautiful decor, fancy wines, a custom memory book for guests to sign and so much more!

Spending 29 years in a city sure does get you a plethora of friends from various groups.  Having sat on a dozen or so boards, been in a sorority at OU and working at the largest Methodist Church in the state of Oklahoma I have met a few people along the way.  I was ASTONISHED by the number of people that showed up.  The evening was beautiful. I was flattered/honored and to be honest am still a little stunned.  Even the fabulous Fran from ionOklahoma magazine came to capture the evenings memories :-).

Check out these fab pics!

Here are a few...
My parents are SO silly...which is why I love them so much!

My grace filled, loving boss - Marsha!

Every party needs FABULOUS Clay and Graham :-)

My work besties made it for the fun!

Hoping the Pekera's make a trip to their home state {Illinois} soon!

Two of my barre3 favs....Ashley & Shomari Wilson

St. Luke's Crew

College friends....

Megan and Susan <3

One can always find inspiring treasures within the Mellow home...

Again, the complete collection of photos can be found at ionOklahoma in their online photo gallery/

Most of all I loved having my mommy there! Gwen is quite the lady.  She's sweet, she's funny, she's witty...and most of all she's a proud momma that loves me.  I am a pretty independent person and she lives in a different state so my mom hasn't met most of my friends. I think there were more people in line to talk to her at the party than me!!!  I love my mom and was so glad that she was able to meet so many of my dear friends at one time.
My hot momma and me!

Again, I am so thankful to my beautiful hostess for making this possible...

Who throws one bad @$% party?!?! The women photoed above!!!

Am I really moving?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Everything is happening SO fast! It took me almost an entire year to put this plan into motion yet the last few months have felt like a speeding roller coaster.  Above all I am thankful...
  • thankful God set the perfect timing up for this move
  • thankful for not one but TWO ever supportive mommas (Gwen and Wynde you two always put happiness in my heart)
  • thankful for all the friends/family that understand how CRAZY things are and continue to be
  • thankful for the most amazing boss...can I get a What What for MARSHA!?!?
  • thankful for the women that thought enough of me to suggest they host a going away party to give me the opportunity to bid farewell to 29 years of OKC friends...Patti, Sarah, Lizzy & Lauren sure know how to PAR-TAY!
  • thankful to have an amazing successor to train at St.Luke's - yay Beth YAY! 
  • thankful to the mean girl at work that is a constant reminder that no job is perfect and people are always going to hate...I'll always love you even when you hate me #ItsInMyDNA ;-)
  • thankful to the new friends I'm about to make
  • thankful to lululemon for posting a goal setting portion of the website so that I would begin working on my dreams more aggressively 
  • thankful for my mom's flexibility in planing and taking off work to make my dreams come true
  • thankful to all who encourage me to Seize The Day {love you Bob Long & many others}
...and most of all thankful to my Lord and Savior!

29 will always be a year that I crushed a HUGE goal...a goal to try a new adventure and just go for it! In 7 short days Chanel and I will be in our 24th floor Chicago dream apartment!!!!