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TBT: Purge 1st, Move Later

Thursday, January 22, 2015

In order to move I needed to PURGE! I had 29 years of my apartment, in my life, it was everywhere and I couldn't figure out why I was holding on to so much stuff.

As I began looking into moving companies I realized a lot of them quoted you based on the weight of your belongings. I was determined to lighten my load! So your CPA says to keep records for 7 years.  Those records are heavy but I wanted them....which leads me to my first big purge.

Big Purge #1 - documents
NYE 2014 was the beginning of my massive purge.  I took myself to dinner at my favorite hole in the wall thai restaurant {Tana Thai...yummmm},  bought 2 bottles of champagne and went home.  Once home I opened my super compact scanner that I'd treated myself to for Christmas. That NYE I scanned and digitally organized my file cabinet from 2005 on.  WTF?!?! That took forever, thank God for pink champagne. I have never felt so liberated in my life - it was awesome. Clearly, I was letting my nerd flag fly super high that New Years Eve. Above all I remember feeling thankful that evening. Thankful that God was guiding me on a journey that I knew in my heart was possible and would be rewarding.  Thankful for the excitement that 2014 was going to hold for Chanel & I. The photo below is pretty much how I felt about ridding my life of all that paper...

Image via Shutterstock

Big Purge #2 - anyone that doesn't add to your happiness...why hold on to toxic friendships?!?!
Purging stuff is just as important as purging people. That's right, I said it. Why keep friends that literally suck energy out of your life when you have plenty of friends that are uplifting and add so much to your life.  If you're one of those people that always have "project friends" or are helping friends through tough times sometimes you have to get selfish and direct those efforts back to yourself. I mean, the flight attendant says "put your own air mask on then help the person next to you."  I figure that saying applies to life in general as well.  I love helping people so this concept is super hard for me but WOW, it's really made goal crushing easier and I truly think I'm a better friend for it.

Big Purge #3 - furniture, clothes, decor...basically my whole apartment
Like I said, I had a lot of stuff. I had no idea what all was in my apartment but I knew it was time to start deciding what would go and what would make the journey to Chicago with Chanel and I. Speaking of Chanel, homegirl needed to de-cluter her little doggy closet as well. How many sweaters does a 6 yr old Cavalier King Charles really need?
Chanel's contribution to purging :-)

I had 4 categories - keep, sell, donate, toss. Honestly, I had no criteria for keep which now I wish I had. Like, why did I get rid of my trash can? Did I not think I would have trash in Chicago. Wine glasses? Again, did I not think I'd have anyone to drink wine with in Chicago either?!?! I kept ONE wine glass and ONE champagne flute...WTF was I thinking?!?!  Oh well, all was replaced.I only kept 6 pieces of furniture + clothes + kitchen appliances! Everything else I sold in a matter of minutes....who needed a couch, end tables, coffee table, a desk, etc?!?! I didn't...I was moving to Chicago baby!!!!!

I started a facebook event called "Buy Bose's Stuff" and started posting pics of everything I owned. People started bidding within seconds. I couldn't even finish posting stuff before people were showing up.  I was know b/c I'd had 30 minutes of sleep, was wearing my pajamas and was an absolute hot mess.  Thank God my friends aren't judgy...they just wanted some good loot & to hug me b/c I was outy in 3 weeks. Check out all the fun we had while everyone shopped my apartment...

Robin Dorner of "The Gayly" trying on some of her purchases - oh those boots and that apron!
Big Purge #4 - My car
Yep, I sold Sophia the Subaru.  The largest purchase I've made to date and I sold it with the blink of an eye.  That car ROCKED! It was all-wheel drive and kicked booty in ice and snow.  I drove that car hard - it was virtually  indestructible.  Sometimes I still think about driving around OKC in my little Subaru...but then I think about how much fun I'm having in the Windy City and that car is like a distant memory that I'm thankful for but don't wish to return to.

How much fun did Ted, Sarah and Graham have photographing my last moments with the Subaru?!?! #GoodFriends

Until now, Ted is probably the only person that knows what happen next. Tears. Not a lot and I'm not even sure why.  When we drove away  from the car lot after selling my car I cried. I think it was the mixture of exhaustion and the realization that there was no turning back....I didn't have an apartment, belongings, a job or a car in Oklahoma City.  Everything I owned had already arrived in Chicago...I just had to meet my belongings there.  I was like "oh, shit just got real, I'm leaving for good."  Ted was the greatest friend that day (like always). He drove me around for my final errands as I sat silently in the car with tiny tears of excitement, fear and joy.  

So that's how I continued the moving process.  It was exhausting yet fun and exciting. I could see all that hard work molding itself into a dream come true.  Nothing could stop me now :-)

TBT - Goal Crushing

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Welcome to Throw Back Thursday "Bossier Than Ever" style!  Thank you for reading my blog. It means so much to me every time I hear from you all!

This post is dedicated to my momma - the most loving, supportive person EVER! Her love knows no boundaries and she will always amaze me with her warm spirit and ability to forgive the unforgivable. She's my rock and my hero. Happy Birthday Mommy - I'm so thankful she was born!

I planned this move for about a year. I was ready...or so I thought.  Here's a peak at my personal steps to success...

Photo Credit: Choose Chicago.
  1. What's the goal?
    move to Chicago
  2. What's my timeline?
    prior to 30th birthday (Oct 2014)...well, that had to change b/c I didn't want to move in the fall/winter. Bumped up that deadline to June so I could enjoy the BEST time of year in Chicago - the summer (thanks for the tip Ted Perry).
  3. What do I need to get there?
    - secret support system (I mean, if you're planning to leave your job in a year you can't start broadcasting it immediately but you need someone to talk to about it...but if you're blessed with a wonderfully supportive boss as I was you can at least begin the conversation about the transition process at the point where you are 150% sure it's happening. That was the 6 month point for me.)
    - money
    - a place to live...shit I need more money
    - a plan to network/make friends
  4. How do I get what I need?
    - share my BHAG with 2-3 select family members or friends so they can help keep you focused and on task....when you want to spend your #chicagomoney on that new bag or you get the nervous jitters they remind you that it's all going to work out.
    - get a part time you know why I abandoned the majority of my extracurricular activities, stepped down from boards, and started working 1-2 days a week at lululemon. #chicagosavingsplan #movingjobORnojob #movingmoney
    - call Chicago apartment brokers to find out how far in advance I need to start looking...oh 2 months, add booking a flight to check out apartments to that to-do list :-)
    - started searching the internet for networking groups/organizations...Junior League transfer process, MeetUp Groups, OU alum group
  5. Last but MOST importantly...I needed God!
    I needed to be faithful in prayer and know that if I worked my hardest and relied on my God that he'd open doors I  never even imagined existed. #GodisMyHERO
    My pastor, Dr. Bob Long, had no idea how much his sermons were speaking to me. Doing sermon series like "Seize The Day" kept giving me more and more encouragement to keep my eye on the prize of making Chicago my home.  I'm certain he had no idea...I mean, he was also my boss's boss :-)
So that was then and this is now...
  1. What's the goal?
    well, this one is still in the secret phase....sorry folks, I'll fill you in when it makes sense ;-)
  2. What's my timeline?
  3. What do I need to get there?
  4. How do I get what I need?
  5. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY some more!
Some smaller, non-secret goals....
  • Grow an indoor herb garden. Nothing extravagant. Maybe 3 little pots to start with...oregano, basil and thyme
  • Get involved at 4th Presbyterian Church - YAY, this means I found a church home to grow with!
  • Master the CTA bus routes
  • Take a cooking class
  • Get out of my neighborhood more often and explore more of Chicago

2015 is OUR year!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 is OUR year make it what you want it to be!

I believe you've got to grab life by the horns and live it out loud.  So, here's to you my friends...may 2015 be a year full of love, laughter and infinite happiness (even in the tough times). 

It's 2015, what now? 2014 was a year of major goal crushing, major growth, and well major everything.  It's time to re-focus on those 10 year and 5 year goals so I can set new 1 year goals that will build up to the long-term ones.

The last 6 months have been spectacular but it's definitely time for the hiatus to end and for me to get back to business. 
From this Tumbler:

Starting with more working in yoga pants, having an ever changing schedule, and running around a retail store all day. It's time for my beautiful suites and dresses to hit the dry cleaners and get ready to show their fabulousness once more. Have I had an absolute blast shopping on Monday afternoon while everyone's at work, sweating with co-workers 5 times a week, taking fun photos for the work facebook page and most importantly living in luon for the past 6 months?!?! Hell yes! It's been great but I am 30 years old, had a thriving career in OKC and a vision for my future that is dramatically different than the picture I just painted.  I am so thankful for this time of relaxation and pure fun while I acclimated to my new city...yet I am so excited to leap back into the business world and conquer the Windy City!

Continuing with this blog...I've had such a FAB time that my writing is lacking.  I've started a list of stories which are clearly outdated so I'll be doing a series of TBT posts in the coming weeks. So I've made the promise/goal to blog more in the past and it didn't happen...fingers crossed I have more success this time around! So I positioned myself to have more consistency in my schedule so hopefully that'll get me on track for 2015 Bossier Than Ever Blogging success...also, it's officially turned into Chiberia so I'll be spending plenty of time at home now :-)

My friends & family helped me develop and conquer some serious BHAGs (Big Huge Attainable Goals) before I moved and I'm eternally grateful.  So don't try this goal crushing thing alone kids...get friends, family, whoever to hop on board and don't forget to support them in their goals as well. It'll be fun, I promise!

So you want to be a GOAL CRUSHER too?!?! Get started on your goals with the lululemon goal setting worksheet...that's what I'm doing (again)!