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30 Days In My New City!

Monday, September 15, 2014

30 Days In My New City

Hi friends! The summer in Chicago was amazing I had no time to blog. The weather is cooling down quickly so I'm home much more.  I wrote a draft of this post 2 months ago so today actually marks the 3 month anniversary of my move. Time really does fly before your eyes when you're enjoying life.  This is a 30 day recap of life in the Windy City (even though it's been 90 days now). I REALLY want to blog more so I'm officially challenging myself to post twice a month from here on out :-). I love you all and thank you so much for your calls, emails, texts, care packages and drop in visits!

So much has happen and sometimes I still wake up and want to pinch myself b/c I can't believe I live in Chicago. Every day is a beautiful new experience. I am so thankful to be here in each and every moment. Here’s the top 30 list of what I’ve done so far {in no particular order}…

1.       Joining my RUSH CRUSH lululemon team
2.       Going out with my ivory Barbie…the beautiful Kristin D

3.       Having Emily as our 1st visitor {in our messy moving boxes apt} and Chanel just loved her Auntie Em time.
4.       Watching Chanel romp around our building’s private dog park
5.       Scouting and finding a hair salon
6.       Meeting so many unique people with diverse backgrounds from all over the world
7.       Having a surprise visit from an OKC bestie….a hug and brunch with Deemah Ramadan was exactly what I needed...b/c brunch with the Ramadan's is like brunch for the royal family!

8.       Trying out 5 barre and/or yoga studios with an endless list of more to try. #sweatonceaday
9.       Joining the JLC (Junior League of Chicago) & getting to know the other transfer ladies #GroupTextBuddies

10.   Going to a MeetUp group…well, it was the wrong one but it ended up being the RIGHT one ;-)
11.   Finding a fabulous dentist…and even better dental hygienist
12.   Discovering the beautiful Chicago sunrise from the 24th floor view

13.   Meeting the sweet little old spinster in my building.
14.   Chanel and I getting to know our doormen staff. #safetyfirst
15.   Dating in many options, so little time.
16.   Having TWO big IKEA trips with mom. #OutOfControl
17.   Working on chi-town apt decorating projects with my momma!
18.   Having my hot pink pull out sofa delivered!!! #iLoveIt Yes, I have a pink sofa.
19.   Getting down to ONE box left to unpack #workinprogress
20.   Taking Chanel for her 1st Magnificent Mile shopping experience…Tails in the City and Henri Bendel are so perfect for her #shesSOfancy #fancybitch

21.   Having a fab 4th of July with new friends in my new city…thank God I didn’t have to sit home alone on the 4th

22.   Joining the community team at lululemon….hello social media and yoga classes galore!
23.   Learning the beauty of the YES & NEXT philosophy. Yes to all social engagements (within reason) and NEXT to every date you never want to see again. Thanks JLC girls :-)
24.   Starting my “Tinder Experiment”
25.   Having my first group of okies want to stay at my place…but not necessarily hang with me while in Chicago. FYI, I live in a studio…you, your friends, your family, your whatever will not be able to stay with me while you’re in town. I love you all but a 24hr notice isn’t going to work b/c I work, have a dog and live in a 500 sq ft studio with an occupancy restriction BUT there are great hotels nearby :-)
26.   Chanel meeting all the building pups…especially her little boyfriend!!! Buddy is a sweet ½ cavalier ½ poodle mix from Australia.  She’s so cute flirting with him!
27.   Receiving lovely letters/cards of encouragement from Debbie South, Emily Gillis, Debbie Forshee and Billye Selby…I LOVE checking my mail now :-).

28.   Starting my meal prepping journey like a BOSS. Always trying to be like my girl Rozz G.
29.   Reading emails from my St. Luke’s family of faith…including Laura & Kelly B, John O, Diane G, Tisha T, and Ruby H.  It’s so special to still have bonds with my faith family from afar.
30.   Discovering all the different local markets and grocers…there’s just so many options and they’re ALL within walking distance.
31.   Last but not least…finding the power cord to my laptop yesterday so that I could connect with you all!

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