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Girl On The Run

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I have a passion for health and nutrition but have never been a runner...unless there's a fire of course ;-).

Before moving I started thinking about taking up running.  Emphasis on the THINKING about part.  If I was going to start running I was determined to do it right.  This of course meant I had to have all the right gear...fancy runners, anti-stink/super moisture wicking running clothes, cushiony socks, etc.  So my research began!   I had a slight advantage b/c I work at lululemon and I've always bought EVERY running skirt for fashion purposes.

The research started at Red Coyote Running and Fitness in OKC.  I love the Duncan's so of course I knew where I was going to start out.  I was fitted for shoes by watching the video of my feet running on their treadmill so it was based on my gait analysis (whatever that means). Newton's were what I needed. $200 and I was told they last on avg 6 months. Oh and I needed a $50 insert b/c of my gait. My exact thoughts "ummm, no way!" When I think of paying that much for shoes I'm getting a new pair of Tory Burch wedges and they're going to last multiple seasons thus making them a really great investment.  The sad reality is that I needed a minute to wrap my fashionista brain around spending $250 for running shoes & inserts.

I think God was looking after me b/c 2 weeks later Red Coyote decided to give everyone on our lululemon team a pair of Newton's. YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!! That's exactly what I needed...but I was moving so I felt bad that I wouldn't be sporting them around OKC. Burke and their team are so generous. I still got my free kicks!!!! They were mailed to me by my OKC lemons (miss those girlies) & are the perfect moving gift :-).

Day one with my Newtons. Opening that package I felt like a 10 yr old on Christmas morning.  Alright, I have to admit that I didn't actually run that day.  I had the best of intentions to wake up early and run on Lakeshore Drive.  I put on my matching hot pink running skirt and luxtreme tank top with my designer sunglasses...sick, this is really how I work out. Oh well, my eyes are sensitive to the sun.  Then the social butterfly in me thought I should text my neighbor/friend/girl that loves running (Liz) to see if she'd join me for a sweaty run date.  No reply, so out I went!!!  As I ran by all the beautiful shoe shops on Oak Street I thought it was time for a photo op (naturally). I found a random stranger to take some pics of me running. Just as we finished Liz text me back.  She couldn't go running with me but wanted to meet at Starbucks. Just like that, my run was over. I love hanging out with Liz though so it was ALL worth it.

Run attempt #2 was a TOTAL success!!!!  The Chicagoland lululemon's have a community run club.  I always see the runners coming in the store pre and post run.  It's pretty encouraging...sort of.  One sunny Chicago Tuesday I left work at 3pm.  I wanted to work really work out and get super sweaty.  Then I remembered it was run club day.  Could I do it?!?! Run with a group of experienced runners? Potentially pass out from being out there for an hour.  I work at lululemon aka I'm supposed to know what the heck I'm doing & be a super work out junkie of all sorts.  There was a real potential for complete embarrassment. Oh well, judge me if I can't make it all the way and turn around and go home (walk home). My sweet friend Kelly leads the Tuesday night run and it turns out it's a pretty relaxed group so I was freaking out for no reason.  Most of the people in run club have been running for a while and actually run faster than Kelly.  We ran to Oak Street Beach and from there we set a plan to run for 22 minutes then turn around and come back.  Awesome, I didn't even bring my phone or a watch. At least now no one will know how far I make it.  Kelly and I ran together the entire way.  It was incredible.  She was so encouraging. I just remember her telling me she couldn't believe it was my first run and that I was doing great. If these things are true I'll never know. HAHAH!!!! So basically she's my hero!!!!

Thoughts during the run:
  1. WOW, I'm glad I bought all those skirts b/c I am HOT. Hot & sweaty like never before.  I finally understood the science behind all of our running items and fabric.  That skirt didn't move a centimeter on my 45 min run. It. Was. INCREDIBLE!  
  2. These shoes are damn comfy...and I really like these cushioned socks. #worthEVERYpenny
  3. I want to jump in Lake Michigan b/c I'm f-ing HOT. Shit. I don't know how to swim...that's a terrible idea.
  4. I want froyo...again, I'm freaking hot as hell and need to cool off  somehow.  Ugh, I don't even actually like ice cream or froyo.  Who am I? This must be what an out of body experience feels like.
  5. Focus on breathing like a yogini so I can calm my thoughts of passing out and stop my heart from pounding out of my chest. 
  6. Why am I running again? Oh yes, for my health.
At the end Kelly let me know that we ran 4 miles!!!! FOUR miles. Really?!?!? I couldn't believe it. I was so excited, proud, and happy.   I've cheered at many marathons and I finally had a glimpse of what they feel they run a hundred times further  (but they train so I'm sure I feel similar to how they do after my 1st stint). I am eternally grateful for Kelly b/c everyone deserves to have a personal cheerleader like her on their 1st run.  If not for her I wouldn't have made it. 

What did I look like in the end...

Now, even Chanel enjoys a little morning jog along Lakeshore Drive.

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  1. Love it!! I can't wait to come visit and go on a run with you! Miss you friend!