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Farewell Soiree is the Understatement of a Lifetime!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Patti, Sarah, Lizzy and Lauren threw me one heck of a farewell soiree this past Wednesday night!!!!! I cannot thank them enough for all they did.  Delicious food, beautiful decor, fancy wines, a custom memory book for guests to sign and so much more!

Spending 29 years in a city sure does get you a plethora of friends from various groups.  Having sat on a dozen or so boards, been in a sorority at OU and working at the largest Methodist Church in the state of Oklahoma I have met a few people along the way.  I was ASTONISHED by the number of people that showed up.  The evening was beautiful. I was flattered/honored and to be honest am still a little stunned.  Even the fabulous Fran from ionOklahoma magazine came to capture the evenings memories :-).

Check out these fab pics!

Here are a few...
My parents are SO silly...which is why I love them so much!

My grace filled, loving boss - Marsha!

Every party needs FABULOUS Clay and Graham :-)

My work besties made it for the fun!

Hoping the Pekera's make a trip to their home state {Illinois} soon!

Two of my barre3 favs....Ashley & Shomari Wilson

St. Luke's Crew

College friends....

Megan and Susan <3

One can always find inspiring treasures within the Mellow home...

Again, the complete collection of photos can be found at ionOklahoma in their online photo gallery/

Most of all I loved having my mommy there! Gwen is quite the lady.  She's sweet, she's funny, she's witty...and most of all she's a proud momma that loves me.  I am a pretty independent person and she lives in a different state so my mom hasn't met most of my friends. I think there were more people in line to talk to her at the party than me!!!  I love my mom and was so glad that she was able to meet so many of my dear friends at one time.
My hot momma and me!

Again, I am so thankful to my beautiful hostess for making this possible...

Who throws one bad @$% party?!?! The women photoed above!!!

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